Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Wine Whine

Instead of dreaming about alligators, I'm dreaming about wine. I have cut back on my consumption of alcohol because of all the recent studies that underscore the connection between cancer (particularly of the breast and the colon)and alcohol consumption, and I miss it. I miss preparing supper with a glass of wine on the counter for intermittent sips as I chop or stir or mince or saute; I miss the way the taste signals the end of the "working" day (even if I have laundry yet to fold); I even miss the way the wine glass feels in my hand.

Last night I had a fairly vivid dream featuring a splendid bottle of wine which I was thoroughly enjoying, until I woke up. There was not much to the dream except for my delight in the sipping and savoring of the wine. The wine felt unusually viscous and velvety in my mouth...somehow thicker than wine should be, but pleasurable in every way. What does this dream mean? I haven't a clue. All I know is that I don't particularly miss my breasts, but I do MISS MY WINE.

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