Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another Boring Day with Breast Cancer

No dreams to report, no angry rants about sunscreen, no big news. I guess this is just going to be a boring-days-with-cancer post. I continue to find a terrific community among women and men who have experienced cancer and who want to tell their stories as a way of encouraging me. This suits my personality really well, because I have always believed that if you tell your story, you will get a story back....and I love stories. I met a woman in the grocery store several weeks ago, who saw my bare head under my Salem College baseball cap, and she introduced herself by telling me that when she was a 24 year old newly-wed, she was told it was either her "leg or her life." So she had her leg amputated above the knee, moved on, and that previous weekend had attended the marriage of her youngest child.

On another note, I have really good news on the "tolerating chemo" front. Yesterday the nurses who quiz me every week about how I am feeling, told me that they literally have no words on their chart to match how I am feeling. They finally had to put down "fatigued" for one day, when actually I told them I was really grumpy and sleepy (sounds like I am living with the Seven Dwarfs) on the Saturday following my last treatment. That day I sent Gordon away from the house (to play golf, which suited him just fine) so I wouldn't continue to bite his head off about things like how he put dishes in the sink to soak. Anyway, I seem to be the poster child for feeling weirdly wonderful while taking on poisonous cocktails. I attended my water aerobics class today with no noticable lack of energy, and since it is an outdoor program, I decided to go hatless, with sunscreen on my head of course, so that my face and my bald head will be somewhat the same color. Great feeling, that cool water splashing on my bare scalp.

I hope to learn to post photos on this blog. When I do, I will put up some showing off my new look.

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